The situation in the Gaza strip has been tense over the last couple of days, as the fallout following the kidnapping of three Israeli teens two weeks ago continues. The three teenagers, who had been hitchhiking to get to their homes in the West Bank were found dead days after their disappearance. 

Since, the rhetoric has been increasing on both sides.

Hamas in the Gaza strip and the Israeli Defence Forces have been exchanging rocket attacks the last two nights, with reports of more than twenty Palestinians dead. Israel has said this could be the beginning of “a lengthy offence against Islamist militants”, which could begin “quite soon”. Israel has blamed Hamas for the deaths of the three Palestinians but Hamas says it is not responsible. 

Rocket attacks are hitting Israel and Palestine.

Following the kidnapping hundreds of Hamas activist were detained by Israeli forces.

It is the worst violence the region has seen since 2012.

Meanwhile Britain’s largest trade union, Unite, claims Israel is “guilty of the crime of Apartheid”, and recently called for a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign to be applied to the nation. 17 EU nations have also threatened economic sanctions over Israel due to the ongoing construction of Israeli settlements, which are illegal under international law.

Due to the tensions in the region, CNN reporter Jethro Mullen asks whether the Middle East has reached a tipping point as the violence worsens in an article here.

Daniel F Benson-Guiu.