Repress & Respond: Nonviolent Discipline In Action

Liesel Mitchell

(Poster Presentation August 14, 2014)


There are many elements that may influence nonviolent campaign success, but some factors appear to be more significant than others. The particular focus of my PhD project is nonviolent discipline, however there are two key mechanisms; participation and security force defections, which have been identified as key independent factors that affect nonviolent campaign success (Chenoweth & Stephan 2011). These two factors will be explored in more detail for ways that they may independently affect success and also interact with nonviolent discipline. In other words, discipline may be best observed when people participating in a nonviolent campaign and security forces who are monitoring a nonviolent campaign, interact. In particular, when participants in a nonviolent campaign are met with repression by security forces, what kind of behaviour is observed? Nonviolent discipline may directly impact the success of a nonviolent campaign, but moreover it may influence other mechanisms linked to campaign success. Thus far, there has been no empirical study examining whether nonviolent discipline is significant, and if so, in what ways might it be significant to campaign success?