NCPACS is hosting a panel discussion entitled ‘After Chilcot: The Social, Political and Legal Consequences of the Chilcot Report for Armed Intervention and War’.  The event will be held on Monday 1 August at 12 noon, in the Moot Court (10th floor, Richardson), with Professor Robert Patman (Political Studies), Associate Professor Lisa Ellis (Philosophy) and Mr Stephen Smith (Faculty of Law). The discussion will be chaired by Professor Kevin Clements (NCPACS). 

This Forum is an opportunity to reflect on some of the global lessons to be learned from the Chilcot report. The report systematically and comprehensively demolishes Tony Blair and George Bush’s justifications for embroiling the UK in the most disastrous war of the modern era. It also raises some fundamental questions about international criminal accountability for acts of aggression and wider questions about where the responsibility for war should lie in Westminster-style democracies. This forum will explore some of the social, political and legal consequences of Chilcot for nation states and the multilateral political and legal system.

See the poster below for further details.

Chilcot poster